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How the Grand Hotel Sofia E-shop works?

Our E-shop offers experiences and servises, and limited number of physical goods. With every purchase the client receives Voucher/vouchers which have an unique number (ID). The voucher number (ID) is your purchase identifier.

Using voucher for service/experience

You can use the services at time of your choice. As our experiences/services are upon availability, you generally would need a reservation in advance. Making a reservation - just cite your unique voucher number (ID).

Buying physical goods

As we do not offer delivery at the moment, you will need to pickup the goods from the hotel. Again, use the unique voucher ID.

What is Voucher personalisation?

A voucher could be a perfect gift. For that purpose, we have provided fields for personalisation. Find them imediately above the ADD TO CART button. Fields for Recepient Name, Recepient Email and Message are provided. The Recepient's name and the Message will be printed on the voucher. The recepient email will be used as additional sending option. 

How I receive purchased vouchers?

Purchased vouchers are being received:

  • by mail, the email from the Billing Address is being used. 
  • if you have personalised a voucher and have filled-in the Recepient email, the voucher will be sent to it as well.
  • if you are a registered user, you have all your vouchers information in your account profile. Keep track of active vouchers, used vouchers, expired vouchers. Download them or just cite vouchers IDs directly from your phone.

Can I  shop as guest user (no registration)?

Yes. But having an account has some advantages:

  • You have billing data pre-filled in.
  • You have information about all your vouchers in your account. You could never lose any information. Emails can be lost or accidentally deleted. Your account info is always on hand.

Can I lose voucher that has not been redeemed yet?

No, you don't. You have your vouchers with their unique IDs in your email or/and in your account info.

What is the voucher validity?

The voucher validity period is printed on the voucher - usually below the unique number (ID). During this period you could make reservation for service/experience. If you are not able to use the voucher within the stated periood, please contact us and we will try to help. But bear on mind that some experiences/services has limited time availability.

Can I have a refund?

Yes. You could have a refund if you contact us within 15 days after purchase. If there are applicable bank fees, they are at client's expence.

Is my personal data protected?

As the Law on Personal Data Protection states, we can assure you that we treat your personal data confidentially and will not provide it to third parties.

The personal data you have submitted – email address, telephone number, name, delivery address, are only necessary for handling of your purchase. The email address is mandatory field so we can send you automated messages on the delivery status, as well as any amendments in the price or services included.

Your profile password is encrypted and could not be seen or used by the site administrator. The newsletter is delivered only at your consent that you can cancel at any time.

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